Quick Reference Guide

PAYMENTS– Methods of payment include:

ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS (some fees apply): through your resident portal, pay-by-phone, Bill Pay through your online bank

CASH PAY- Pay at local Wal-Mart and Money Tree locations-requires account number; $4.00 fee)

MAIL your check or money order payment (w/ address on the memo line) to:

Chase Furnas & Co., P.O. Box 2801, Spartanburg, SC 29304

DROPBOX-ONLY OPEN DURING BUSINESS HOURS (M-TH 8:30-5, FRI 8:30-4) Dropbox your check or money order payment (w/ address on the memo line) located on the Entrance side of our building next to the steps-PLEASE PROVIDE EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU WOULD LIKE A RECEIPT

VACANCIES-Visit www.chasefurnaspm.com for the most accurate/detailed info.

Vacancy lists are also available in the VACANCY LIST MAILBOX located on the Entrance side of our building. You can drive through and get one without leaving your car!


ALTERNATE METHOD: Complete/Return (via drop box) the Application attached to the Vacancy List available for drive-by pickup on the Entrance side of our building from the VACANCY LIST MAILBOX.

PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOURS FOR REVIEW. We will contact you to discuss your submission.

Qualifying prospects must provide verifiable proof of the income requirement to be considered.

INCOME REQUIREMENT: 1-week NET/Bring Home Pay = rent rate you are considering.

TIP: Total monthly income of leaseholders’ NET/Bring Home income divided by 4 will give you this figure. Example: Total monthly NET income of leaseholders is $2400. 

$2400 divided by 4=$600. You may qualify for property in the $600 range.

Qualifying prospects will receive a lock box code to view the property.

APPLICATIONS-Submit Online, Email, or by DropBox.

Applications and all supporting documents may be emailed to: terri@chasefurnaspm.com or placed in our dropbox along with the $50 application fee (up to 2 applicants) payable by exact cash or money order. Additional applicants-$20 each.

Electronic submission is also available. Inquire for link.

Processing takes 2-3 business days and you will be contacted once a decision is made.

LEASE SIGNING/MOVE-IN-Our office will schedule an appointment for the lease signing/key exchange.

MAINTENANCE-Can be reported several ways:

Phone to 864-585-4582 ext. 105 (or option 2)

Email to: mike@chasefurnaspm.com

Complete/return a Maintenance Request Form to our dropbox.

Maintenance Request Forms are available under “About Us” on our webpage and may also be picked up from the Vacancy List Mailbox located on the Entrance side of our building.