Application Process

How to Apply

  • Property Viewings require a Pre-Qualification Process- You must complete the "Schedule A Tour" form located within the Details of the Property of interest. Before you begin, you will need the following: Your contact information, current and previous addresses, co-applicants name and email address(es), & employement information. (Be prepared to upload/attach your driver's license and one month's proof of income.)
  • Step 1- Determine the rent range for which your household qualifies (1 week of bring home pay should approximately equal to the rent rate) and view Available Rentals in your range.
  • Step 2- Complete/Submit the "Schedule a Tour" form for the property of interest (located within the Details of the Property). PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOUR FOR REVIEW. Our office will contact you after reviewing the form and provide a lockbox code to qualifying prospects.
  • Step 3- After viewing the interior, the "Schedule a Tour" form will be used as your application or you may complete/return an Application along with the $60 Non-Refundable Application Fee (per person).
  • Step 4- Process time normally takes 24-48 hours. We will notify you of the outcome as soon as this information is available. As long as you have provided accurate information on your application, you will be notified promptly.


The general income requirement is based on a 1:4 ratio meaning your total monthly NET (bring home) income divided by 4 should equal the rent rate. For example: Net income is $2400 รท 4 = $600. You qualify for a unit in the $600 range. We will also review rental references, public record information, criminal background, and credit in order to make a decision. We may use a third party provider to obtain this information. Applications are $60 per applicant (non-refundable).