Property Management

Welcome to Chase E. Furnas & Co., Inc.!

In considering Chase E. Furnas & Co., Inc. to assist with your property management and real estate needs, please consider our strengths and attributes as real estate professionals:

  • We have been serving the Spartanburg and surrounding areas for more than 30 years.
  • We have a professional staff dedicated to property management & real estate sales.
  • We provide effective management of a variety of properties such as single family homes, apartments, townhomes, duplexes, quads, and commercial properties.
  • We are prompt with collection.  Rents are due by the 5th. If rent is not paid by the 6th, tenants are contacted and eviction action may be initiated as needed.
  • We provide detailed monthly owner statements and copies of all invoices paid on/about the 25th of each month. We also furnish a consolidated year-end statement and 1099 for tax purposes.
  • We keep property owners fully informed.  In addition to providing monthly accounting of the units, we act immediately if problems arise and strictly adhere to the SC Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and the United States Fair Housing Act.
  • We thoroughly screen all applicants including credit check, employment verification, criminal background, public record information, and previous rental references.
  • We have good working relationships with city & county officials, including police, sheriff, and magistrate offices.
  • We coordinate all maintenance utilizing a staff of trusted independent contractors. We do not add markup fees for maintenance and allow owners to customize maintenance needs and work order limits.
  • We perform periodic checks on the property by walk through and drive by inspections, as well as check out all complaints.
  • We offer quarterly air filter and smoke detector inspections for a minimal fee to ensure proper function of the HVAC system, compliance for working smoke detectors, and how the property is being maintained.
  • We have licensed Real Estate agents for the State of South Carolina who are able to represent you in buying or selling your property.
  • We have licensed Property Managers for the State of South Carolina who are educated on the SC Landlord and Tenant Act in acting as the managing agent for you.
  • We are happy to furnish references from other satisfied clients upon request.


Chase E. Furnas Jr. / Broker-In-Charge

Services Include

  • Monthly & Yearly Owner Statements
  • Thorough Tenant Background Screenings
  • Periodic Inspections of Properties
  • Arrange All Maintenance
  • Quarterly Air Filter & Smoke Detector Service
  • Bill Payment
  • Rent Collection
  • Lease Preparation
  • Eviction Management
Thank you for taking care of our property for the last 6 years…for keeping it rented and finding great tenants. Thanks to the maintenance team for providing for our needs. Fine job on selling so quickly!
- Sylvia Q.