How do I view a property?

Most of our properties can be viewed by checking out the key from our office between 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We require a copy of valid picture ID and $20 refundable key deposit. Keys must be returned by 5:00 p.m. on same day of check-out. Some properties may only be shown by appointment and will be noted as such. Please contact our office to schedule a viewing of these specific properties.

What is the Application process?

Step 1: View the property as indicated above;
Step 2: Complete an application-available in our lobby or by download from our webpage
Step 3: Turn in the fully completed application along with proof of all income, copies of picture IDs for all applicants and occupants 18 years or older, and $40 cash or money order non-refundable processing fee for up to 2 applicants. Additional applicants $20/each. Incomplete/inaccurate applications and/or associated documents may delay response time;
Step 4: Process time normally takes approximately 2 business days. We will notify you of the outcome as soon as this information is available. As long as you have provided accurate contact information on your application, you will be notified promptly.

What are your rent requirements?

The general income requirement is based on a 1:4 ratio meaning your total monthly net (bring home) income divided by 4 should equal the rent rate. For example: Net income is $2400÷ 4 = $600. You qualify for a unit in the $600 range. We will also review rental references, public record information, criminal background, and credit in order to make a decision. We may use a third party provider to obtain this information.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in any multi-family housing such as duplexes or apartments. Pets may be considered in single family homes at the discretion of the property owner when accompanied by a non-refundable pet fee. Certain breeds of dogs are not allowed under any circumstances due to insurance restrictions. Please contact a member of our staff to discuss which breeds are not approved. When approved, pet deposits are assessed by weight. Small pets up to 15lbs: $150; 16-30 lbs.: $200; over 30 lbs.: $250-$300. Pets must be approved BEFORE you get one!

What are the lease terms?

Multi-family units such as duplexes and apartments qualify for a 6 month or 1-year lease. All single family homes require a 1-year lease. All lease-holders are equally liable for the terms and length of the lease.

What is the process once I’m approved?

• Security Deposit must be paid as soon as possible. The property remains available for viewing until a security deposit is paid by an approved applicant.
• The security deposit will hold the property for 10 days. Once paying the security deposit, lease-signing and rent payment must take place within 10 days or the security deposit is forfeited and the property is put back on the rental market. All funds are non-refundable once payment is made. If you decide not to move-in for any reason, you will forfeit any monies paid and could be held responsible for the term of the lease.
• Rent will be pro-rated at the time of move-in, meaning you will only be charged for the number of days left in the month. This is true excepting the last week (7 days) of the month at which time you will be responsible for paying the upcoming full month’s rent with the option to pay the current month’s pro-rated rent (of 1 to 7 days) at that same time or between the 1st-5th of the next month.
• All lease holders must sign the lease before the keys will be released.
• Utilities must be transferred within 48 hours of lease-signing or you may experience an interruption in service and be billed for usage.

Can I connect cable or satellite?

In most cases, cable or satellite is permissible with certain installation requirement/restrictions. Please contact our office to obtain a permission form prior to scheduling installation.

What day of the month will my rent be due?

Rent is always due on the 1st of each month with a grace period through the 5th. A late fee penalty is assessed on the 6th. Rent payments must be received in the office by the 5th of the month to avoid a late fee. If the 5th should fall on a weekend, late fee charges will be assessed to accounts on the first business day thereafter. All drop box payments are receipted before the late fee is charged. Accounts are reviewed for eviction papers beginning on the 6th, as well.

Can you waive late or legal fees?

Late fees and legal fees must be assessed to all residents fairly and equally.

What if I have a returned check?

A return check fee of $30.00 is assessed to your account, a late fee charge is added and the account is flagged for possible legal action/fees. A returned check must be cleared with exact cash or money order.

Do you accept debit/credit card rent payments?

Yes. Residents can make payments online through our resident portal. Please contact our office for more information on how to set this up.

How do I report a maintenance problem?

• For non-emergency requests, we prefer that you submit these in writing or through the website.
• Emergency issues can be called in to our maintenance department during normal business hours @ 864-285-9005 or reported to our after-hours attendant by calling the main number 864-585-4582 and choosing #9.

Why am I being charged for a maintenance repair?

Any time a maintenance problem results from tenant-related damage or misuse, you will be charged for the cost of the repair. Examples of such damages include finding foreign objects/matter clogging the plumbing lines, a tripped breaker causing power outage, a clogged air filter causing the heat/air to not work properly, or a broken sewer line due to driving over it, just to name a few.

When will your office notify me about the outcome of my security deposit?

Security deposit letters and refunds, when applicable, will be mailed to the most current or forwarding address provided within 30 days of key return.

We've been leasing our home from this Epic place for over 6 years now and we absolutely love it and the Awesome employees are always there to help you with whatever they can and customer service is also great. We would highly recommend it for anyone.
- Alan and Tiffany H.